H i s t o r y

H i s t o r y


Won a prize in CORNELIUS REMIX CONTEST ( Promoted by Sound & Recording Magazine )
The prize winner appeared on the compilation CD. 

  " Backlight " was included in " Neon Fusions "released from Keep Diggin' Recordings.       

        1. Alton Miller - Fusion Meltdown
           2. Kirk DeGiorgio presents As One - Electronic Hymn
           3. Abacus feat. Kobe James - Sweet Embrace
           4. Tom & Julie - Like Ours
           5. Jon Cutler presents Dawn feat. Sarah Anne Webb 
           6. P'taah - Nobody Knows
           7. L'Aroye - The P600 Invasion
           8. Grupo Batuque - E Ruim (Zero dB Commentary Mix) 
           9. Cuica - Trommel Monster 
          10. Raw Deal feat. Gary Bardouille - Eye Fly
          11. Charlie Dark - Drums Of Passion 
          12. Takashi Tsuzuki - Backlight

Released the first solo vinyl album " Soundview " from Hal9000. Won the 7th of CISCO RECORDS. 

    A-1. Traffic 

     A-2. Haze The Scape
          B-1. Les Chinoises
          B-2. Rush To The Bottom


Won a gold prize in DIESEL-U-MUSIC 2004.

Released the second solo vinyl album "Liaison" from  KOMPAKT/Hal9000. 

              A-1. Lost in reason
         A-2. Binary synapse
         B-1. Under the siren
         B-2. In the heat of night


"Mix the Vibe" was included in the compilation CD from DIESEL-U-MUSIC.

Live performance with Mike Clark(Detroit beatdown/Planet E)

XFM FLO-MOTION (UK) played Takashi Tsuzuki Mix 2005


" master 17/08 bpm119 " was awarded a prize in RADIO SAKAMOTO(J-WAVE)


Released the 3th  album " monophonic multiphonic "  From Ropeadope LLC.


Released the 4~5 th  album " FROM JAPAN " & " FROM TOKYO " From  Ropeadope LLC.